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    Want to join a really fun creative challenge? Last year, I launched the #2030make challenge and we’re celebrating with an updated workbook and email series to encourage you on your journey. Check out the video plus learn the history behind #2030make below. You’re going to love it! By signing up, you’ll also gain access to my weekly sketchbook letters that I write to encourage you in your creative journey. Hope you have an amazing day!
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2030make Challenge

I don’t have a lot of TIME to create these days. And I’m guessing you don’t either. I know, I know, I’m a craft blogger so I’m supposed to be making things all the time, right? But the truth is, even though I love to work on creative projects, life is busy. I’ll make things for this blog but struggle to get past the idea stage for myself. Case in point: I bought yarn last October for a scarf that is still only half-way finished. I wish I could say that it is because it is a complicated pattern but the truth is, I keep forgetting about it. And let’s not even talk about my daughter’s photo book. She is a year younger in photo album years.

Do you relate?

  • You want to make things but the days seem too short.
  • When you do have time, you usually procrastinate and end up doing a load of laundry (or something like that.)
  • You wait until the end of the day to work on your projects and then find you’re too tired.

You’re a creative person who has a lot of ideas of projects you want to make, skills you want to learn, and techniques you want to try. But you don’t have the time. I hear you.

So what’s a creative to do?

That was exactly my question last year when I launched #2030make for the first time. I decided to set aside 20 minutes a day for the next 30 days to work on my projects. And thousands of you decided to join me. It was AMAZING.

In that month, we . . .

  • Wrote eBooks
  • Finished quilts
  • Stitched up cute gifts
  • Finally finished the baby book
  • And basically, got back into our creative grooves

This mindset ended up becoming the driving force behind my concept of creating personal retreats for ourselves. (Yay for The Creative Retreat workbook!) It also completely changed the way I look at my creative life. Instead of being driven by guilt and feeling like I’m always behind and never have enough time, I’ve learned (and am learning) to take each day at a time and to carve out micro-moments for myself to create.

It’s amazing.

So in honor of the one year anniversary of the #2030make challenge, I updated the workbook with a new way to track the days (if you like to color, you’ll love this!) I also updated the free email series on creativity and will be adding a video or two to YouTube throughout the month to talk about creative projects and to encourage you on your #2030make journey.

2030make PDF workbook pages



What I love most about this challenge is it’s all about grace. Your age, skill level, and income don’t matter. All you have to do is set aside 20 minutes each day for the next month to work on your creative projects, whatever they may be.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a FREE workbook that you can use to get inspired and to track your project through the month. You’ll also receive an email each week with some thoughts on the creative process (as well as encouragement to keep going!)

I’d love to see and hear about what you’re working on, so use the hashtag #2030make on Instagram and Twitter so I can cheer you on. You’ve got this!


20 minutes, 30 days, what will you make?
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