A Day in The Life: How I Use Essential Oils Every Day

Oh my goodness, I've been wanting to get into essential oils but I was worried I would buy them and they would sit on the shelf. This post helped me see all of the different ways to use them every single day. LOVE this!

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Okay, I’ll be really honest with you. I’m fairly new to all of this “essential oil stuff.” But I’m the kind of person who jumps right in once I’m convinced of something. I’ve heard about essential oils for years, even used the ones you can get at the health food store, but only started using pure, therapeutic grade oils from Young Living this past year. Wo. Totally different.

When I was doing my research, one of my biggest concerns was, would I use essential oils every day? I’ve bought products in the past that I thought would be good for my wellness that ended up sitting on the shelf. Since I was going to be investing money in these oils, I wanted them to be a wise investment. And, though essential oils are very powerful, they’re not powerful enough to break through the box and bottles. In other words, I needed to open and use them. Regularly.

One of my friends explained it this way. If you eat one piece of broccoli, you likely won’t notice any difference to your wellness. But if you eat several servings of vegetables every day, you will see notable changes.

I ordered the premium starter kit because it’s the best deal ever (You literally get 11 oils AND a diffuser for $160, which means the oils are around $10 each—unheard of!) I’ll be using those oils as my baseline to share how I use these every day, with a few added that I also LOVE.

Some of the essential oils I use every single day.

Morning Essential Oil Routine

In the morning, I put one drop of Frankincense in my hands and rub it all over my face and neck. Oh my goodness, aromatic heaven! Frankincense is really, really good for your skin as is Copaiba. (Go ahead and Google, “frankincense health benefits” :)) I also cup my hands over my nose and mouth and breathe in the aroma since essential oils are very volatile. That means they go into your skin and hit your blood stream within 3 seconds. So act fast before they go off to do their work in your body! :)

Next, I fill up my diffuser with distilled water and usually a citrus oil. I LOVE Tangerine and also use Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, and Citrus Fresh. These oils wake me up and put a smile on my face. Sometimes I blend them with Copaiba for an extra punch. If you’re feeling stressed in the morning, you can add a drop of Lavender as well.

Oh my goodness, I love citrus essential oils. Especially Tangerine!!!

Throughout the Day . . .

There are a lot of different things that can happen in a day, so now I’ll share a list of ways I use the rest of the oils.

  • One drop of Lemon Vitality (or Tangerine Vitality) in a mason jar of water. (The vitality oils from Young Living are labeled as such to show they’re safe for consumption. Also, make sure you’re using a glass jar when you drink water with a citrus oil as the citrus oil will eat away the toxins in a plastic cup!)
  • A drop or two of Lemon in my counter cleaner scrub: equal parts baking soda and vinegar plus a bit of table salt if I need extra scrubbing. Sometimes I also add a bit of unscented castille soap for tough cleaning. I mix all of this together when I need to clean the bathrooms, tubs, grout, etc. I also use a drop of Peppermint in this scrub. Lemon Peppermint is my favorite!
  • Homemade dishwasher detergent: equal parts baking soda and borax with 3 drops of Thieves. (Make sure you check your manufacturer’s instructions to see if this will work with your dishwasher. We haven’t had any problems. Young Living also sells a Thieves dishwasher soap if you’re not into DIYing your own.)
  • Homemade washing machine detergent: equal parts washing soda and borax with 3-5 drops of Purification or Citrus Fresh. I use a metal chopstick to blend the oils into the powder. I store my homemade detergents in large mason jars. It smells sooo good when I open them up! Oh, and I use 1-2 TBS per load to wash laundry. (And yes, this works. I was shocked too.)
  • I add 2 drops of Purification to wool dryer balls to dry our laundry. (Apparently dryer sheets are super bad for you. Argh—I hate learning all of this stuff after I’ve used them for forever. :( :() You honestly could use any essential oil you want on the dryer balls. I’ve used Peppermint, Thieves, and Orange so far. Your dryer will smell like a diffuser. :)
  • Purification on a cotton ball in a closet that has smelly shoes works wonders.
  • I also like to drop one drop of Tangerine or Orange on a cotton ball and place it in the vent in my car. Smells so nice as we drive along. :)
  • Young Living does make hand wash and hand purifier but if you’re into DIYing, you can make your own. I use my Frankincense face wash for my hands and face for our bathroom. And I use the same recipe except with Copaiba for our daughter’s bathroom. For the kitchen and dishes, I add a bit more castille soap and use Thieves oil.
  • For hand purifier, I use one ounce of pure aloe vera gel and 2-3 drops of Copaiba. We’ve also used our Lavender roll on when I’ve forgotten the Copaiba blend. (Here’s where I get the roller bottles.)
  • For the Lavendar roll on, I used one ounce Jojoba oil plus 3-4 drops of Lavender. I use this for everything. Booboos and little scrapes, sore shoulders and backs, in the palms of our hands for a mini aromatherapy break, as a hand purifier, and on the bottoms of my kiddo’s feet before she sleeps. I also rub it between my hands and then wipe her pillow and blankets so they’re “diffused” with Lavender. She LOVES this.
  • I keep DiGize in my purse at all times just in case one of us eats something that makes us feel queazy. You can massage it onto your abdomen but I just inhale it. Problem solved!

Wonderful sugar foot scrub from essential oils. Love this one!

In the Evening . . .

I’m likely to make a foot scrub with Frankincense in the evening because I love it so much. If it’s been a particularly hot day, I’ll add Peppermint to my foot scrub. You can literally mix this up in less than a minute, and it’s a great way to treat your feet after a long day. :)

If I’m feeling some aches from a workout or from using the mouse from my computer all day (#guilty), I use PanAway which is ah-mazing. I have this one in a rollerball bottle too: 1 ounce of sweet almond oil plus several drops of PanAway. (Secret side note: Copaiba is an amplifier oil, so sometimes I use it as well to up the super powers of PanAway. ;))

We diffuse Cedarwood in our daughter’s room before her bedtime so it smells wonderful. Then I move the diffuser elsewhere and apply diluted Cedarwood to her feet. (This is another rollerball we use daily!) This has become such a sweet ritual for us—chatting about the day, praying, and massaging her feet. Lucky kid! :)

If I’m feeling under the weather or like I might be getting something, I use my R.C. rollerbottle for my chest and bottoms of my feet. The first time I did this I felt a bit silly putting oils on my feet but whatever, it worked. Now if I’m totally honest, I use it pretty much every night because I love the aromatic smell of eucalyptus. Makes me soo happy and reminds me of my Southern California childhood. :)

There are some other oils I have on hand like Cypress (respiratory support), Geranium (hormone support), and Schlarrescence (another hormone support oil blend) but I don’t use those every day. I also use the Valor and Abundance blends almost daily—usually on a leather oils bracelet or on leather “oily” earrings. :)

I’m sure as you research and start your oil journey, you’ll find particular oils that you LOVE and cannot live without too. It’s been fun to learn about these amazing gifts that God created for us. I only wish I knew about them sooner. Feel like I’ve been missing out!

I hope this post is encouraging and helpful for you. This is the kind of post I read by the dozens when I was first starting out so I could learn learn learn!

Have a wonderful {and creative} day!

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P.P.S. This is one of the videos I watched last year that opened my eyes to really going all on in with becoming more toxin free. So grateful that Edie recorded this! And oh my goodness, the Think Dirty app she mentions was eye-opening. !! :-/