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The Creative Retreat workbook isn’t an ordinary book. It’s your guide to DIYing your own personal retreats year-round. We all need me-time, and this is your key to crafting the perfect retreat that will transport you to gratitude and joy . . . no matter where you are.


Types of Retreats

Learn how to DIY your own retreat, and get ideas on thirteen different kinds of retreats you can try!

Find Joy

You’ll discover pages of hand-drawn encouragement for your creative journey. Just reading it will make you happier.

Get Inspired

Read interviews from other creative women who have made this creativity thing work in their busy lives.

What Other Creative Women Are Saying

“After scribbling and doodling my way through The Creative Retreat Workbook, I am convinced that mini-retreats are not only something I need in my busy life, but something I now have the tools to make happen. Jennie truly has a gift for helping readers overcome their fears in order to unlock their creative potential.” Lauren Lanker

The Thinking Closet

“Retreats are honestly how I keep my sanity and creativity flowing. They are so necessary, and this thorough, fun, and beautiful guide and workbook is the perfect way to plan something amazing for yourself. I love all of Jennie’s unique ideas. Get this, and do this!” Regina Anaejionu

“As a busy work-at-home mom who encourages other writers, I was always disappointed that I never had enough time for my own creative writing projects. Jennie’s suggestions in The Creative Retreat Workbook gave me tons of practical ways to make creativity a priority in my full schedule!” Ashley Brooks

Ashley Brooks Editorial Services

“I have been truly inspired by Jennie’s crafting of The Creative Retreat Workbook! This amazing resource will help you be intentional about taking creative time for you! Filled with encouragement, equipping you with tips and help in getting organized The Creative Retreat workbook is a must-have resource!” Cathy McInnes

Three Kids and a Fish

“The Creative Retreat Workbook is the perfect tool to walk you through crafting your own personal retreat. The workbook is full of ideas and suggestions, but gives you plenty of space to record your own thoughts and goals as well. The cute illustrations, beautiful photographs, and quotes throughout will be sure to inspire you on your own personal retreat!” Beth Anne Schwamberger

Brilliant Business Moms

“Jennie’s workbook is just what I’ve been needing! My creative to-do list is always growing, but I rarely set aside time for myself to actually create anything. Throughout these pages, Jennie provides a perfect balance of inspiration, encouragement, and structure to give me that push I need to dedicate time to my creative pursuits.” Emily Kennedy

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I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Jennie, and I write about finding the magic in the little things and rediscovering your creative side on my blog, (formerly

I began taking retreats when I was a single girl living in Los Angeles. Those moments of focused creative time were so life-giving for me. I have to admit, though, that after I got married and my daughter was born, creative retreats all but disappeared. Here was something I loved doing and yet, because I was so busy, I actually forgot about them.

It wasn’t until I started to feel really overwhelmed that I realized what I had done. My husband was actually the one who went over to the calendar one day and wrote “Retreat for Jennie” in big letters. That guy knows me.

Going on that first retreat after my hiatus literally brought tears to my eyes. Don’t laugh, I’m serious! It was like a light went off in my heart. Why in the world was I procrastinating such joy? Taking an hour or two to retreat wasn’t so much that I couldn’t do it regularly. I just had to make the time.

During the past few years, I’ve talked to many women who have had the same experience. They’re really creative—in fact, many of them own creative businesses—but they rarely invest in themselves. I have also received many emails from readers who wish they had more time and energy to work on their creative projects. And I have to admit, I was kind of surprised I wasn’t the only one!

I think you’ll find this workbook an encouraging resource you’ll go back to again and again as you step out and explore the wonderful world of creative retreats.

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