A Guide for Success for the New Blogger

This new blogger started making money from her blog her first year! She teaches you how to set up your newsletter, reach out to brands, much more. Love this!

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If you’re one of the thousands of people who start a blog each year, you’ve probably noticed that there is a LOT of information out there on how to set up your blog for success. For a new blogger, this amount of information can actually be discouraging. Where in the world are you supposed to start? What should be your focus? Is it smart to spend a lot of money on programs and resources to help you grow your blog when you haven’t made a penny from it yet? You’re probably starting to realize that the business of blogging involves much more than taking pretty pictures and writing about a subject you love.

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One of the first resources I invested in when I was a new blogger myself was an eBook by Abby Lawson called Building a Framework. It’s reasonably priced and offers a great foundation for creating a profitable blog. Abby has built an incredibly successful business out of her own blog and walks you through the steps she took her very first year of blogging. (PSST, sign up for her free webinar to learn how to Choose Your Perfect Niche by clicking here.)

The original eBook was a great help to me, and each year, it has continued to be updated with valuable resources. It’s now a full-fledged course, but it’s still perfect for those who are just starting out.

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I thought I’d share my thoughts on this eBook and course for those of you who are looking for an affordable resource for growing your blog into a profitable business. Let’s dive in! :)

Yes! Abby Lawson is the sweetest, and her eBook and course for new bloggers feels like it was written just for me. I binge-read it in one sitting and am so excited to make my blog profitable! Thank you!

Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook

Who this resource is for: the new blogger

The original eBook was written after Abby’s incredibly successful first year of blogging. So, with that said, this resource is geared towards someone who is in their first couple of years of blogging or who has just decided to monetize their blog and doesn’t really know where to start. (aka, the “new blogger”)

What I like about this eBook + course

  • Building a Framework is written in a conversational, easy-to-understand style. Abby does not assume you know how to set up a WordPress account or that you know what a child-theme is. She shares the mistakes she made as a new blogger and offers insight into how things worked for her.
  • Abby’s step-by-step screenshots are invaluable for initially setting up your blog. She also offers resources for many of the chapters. I particularly appreciated her plugins resource page, the media kit information she shared, and how to create a great “About Me” page.
  • At the end of each lesson, she has action steps for you to put into practice right away. I like how she takes the mystery out of blogging and creates practical steps to start implementing.
  • My favorite thing by far about this course (and eBook) are the individual modules on different social media channels. That was my weakest area when I decided to get serious about blogging, and I knew I had much to learn from other bloggers. Abby lays out her specific strategy for each social media platform which gave me the framework to start figuring them out for myself.

How Building a Framework will help you

As you’ve probably noticed, you need to have a strong plan in place if you want to be a successful blogger. Very few bloggers can get away with writing when the mood strikes about whatever they feel like these days if they want to make an income. You’ve probably come across blogs that are incredibly put together and then realized the blogger has just started a blog. The standard of excellence is high in the blogging world but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

What it does mean is a resource like Building a Framework is invaluable. For a minimal investment, you’ll learn skills that will help you create a blog that brings in a regular income. Rather than scouring the internet for a tip on Facebook for bloggers or a post about optimizing Pinterest, you can have everything you need to know to get started right at your fingertips.

You’re Not Going to Believe This

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, you’re not going to believe the generosity Abby is extending to those who buy her eBook and course. She is grandfathering in everyone who previously purchased her Building a Framework eBook by offering them the updated option for free. What does that mean for you?

When she releases a new version and adds new material and videos in the future, you will receive the updated version FOR FREE. Isn’t that incredible? If you do have the resources right now to purchase the course and eBook, I would go for it since as new resources are added, the price will go up. But since you will have already paid for it, you will receive everything for free.

I honestly think you’re going to love this course! Building a Framework is approachable, helpful, and full of great advice that will get your blog growing.

Have a lovely {and creative} day, friends!

P.S. Still not sure? Sign up for Abby’s free webinar on choosing your perfect niche to see more of her teaching style by clicking here OR get Abby’s free guide on how to Boost Your Blog traffic by clicking here. Don’t you love free stuff?! :)