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Hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about essential oils. I know I stalked (I mean, researched) many a page like this one before I began my own essential oil journey. 

Scroll down to find: 

  • Videos that share what essential oils are and how to get started them
  • What differentiates Young Living essential oils from other brands
  • What to do with your new starter kit
  • An invite to a wonderful private Facebook group
  • Simple DIYs that use pure essential oils
  • Info on how to join our business community

All About Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101 - LIVE

Click to watch this free Essential Oils 101 class. I share my story, what essential oils are, a brief history of essential oils (they’ve been around for a while!), and how different oils work. This class was originally recorded live.

A Day in the Life video

Want to learn how to use essential oils? This was a fun, laid-back video where I walk you through how I use the oils in the starter kit from Young Living. Click below to watch it. :)

What's the Difference?

Young Living controls the entire process to bring you a truly pure essential oil. They own their own organic farms, don’t use any chemicals on the plants, distill and extract the oils onsite, and vigorously test them to meet quality standards before bottling them and shipping them to your home.

Join Our Facebook Community!

When you purchase a premium starter kit through my link, I will send you an invite to our wonderful private Facebook community, The Oily Sisterhood. This group is 1,000+ strong and is run by Dr. Edie Wadsworth. You’ll gain instant access to training videos, a free ecourse, and a community of sisters to walk with you on your journey to wellness! It’s the friendliest place on the internet. :)

Wondering About the Business?

Are you curious?

I never ever thought I’d be interested in this kind of business. I’m so not a “sales person”. But then I found myself wanting to talk to everyone I knew about how amazing these oils are and how they had helped my family. If you’re interested in joining our business group, just send me an email in the form below.

Have any questions?

How can I help you? I’d love to answer your questions about getting started with essential oils. Just click below to send me a message.