I love this idea! How to make a DIY spa in a box gift for a friend. So cute! I'd add my homemade sugar scrub and bath bomb; I know my friend will love this!

How to Make a Spa in a Box (Care Package 101)

Want to make your friend’s day? Make her a spa in a box care package! Here’s how . . .

Can I tell you how excited I am to share this DIY spa kit with you today? I recently bought a stack of small boxes to use this year for gifting and immediately thought how fun it would be to use them to send a spa in a box through the mail.

The idea for a survival kit isn’t new. Maybe you received a care package or two while you were away for college. Maybe you’ve even sent some through the mail. (Total side note, but if you want more survival kit ideas, you’ve got to check out Lauren Lanker’s gem of a book, Thinking Outside the Gift Box. It’s packed full of meaningful gift ideas like this one. K—back to this presentation.)

When I was thinking about items to include in this spa in a box care package, I kept on thinking “relaxation” with a healthy dose of spoiling my friends. Here’s what I did:

How to Make a Spa in a Box

Relaxation care package ideas:

A small box (This is what I’m using*)
Markers to decorate the box
Tea bags
Sugar scrub in small container
Roller bottle for essential oil blends
Lip balm
Small homemade lotion and homemade lip balm
Small card or note

+ Anything else you think your friend would love!

* As this box is small, you will have to use a smaller postage sticker in order to mail it as the large one will not fit.

These are the boxes I use for my spa in a box gift for friends.

I LOVE these boxes. They are small, but not so small you can’t fill them with goodness. I pulled out my Tombow markers and got to work decorating one.

It's so easy to decorate these gift boxes with markers. It makes the box look like it is gift wrapped from the start!

Much better. Once the box is decorated, you can fold it up. Isn’t it the cutest?

Here's your spa in a box all ready to send in the mail to a friend! Might as well make one for yourself, right?

Here is the fun part!

Fill up the box with whatever spa-like goodness you can think of. I chose to include the following:

  • Two tea bags of pukka tea (Their tea is soooo good!)
  • One Burt’s Bees lip balm
  • One bookmark pen
  • One RX protein bar
  • Homemade hand lotion and lip balm
  • A heart shape of paper you can plant—the paper is filled with wildflower seed
  • A note tucked into a cat envelope
  • Not pictured: a small jar of sugar scrub

Some of the treats I'm enclosing in my spa in a box include homemade lotion and lip balm, a delicious health food bar, yummy teas, a sugar scrub, and a sweet note.

I arranged everything to look cute in this photo, but it all fits neatly inside, promise. I’d recommend taping the sides of the lotions, lip balms, etc. or placing them in a small ziploc bag to ensure they don’t leak. (I haven’t had trouble before, but just in case!)

Here's the gift box all ready to be mailed! This is going to be my DIY Christmas go to—don't tell!

There you go! A simple spa care package you can whip up for your best friend in no time. And talk about making her day?! She’s going to love you forever.

In the meantime, treat yourself to a spa day too!

Have you ever made a spa care package? What did you include?



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