Mentoring is a great way to grow personally and professionally, but what if you don't know anyone who can mentor you? No worries, you can still be mentored by some of the top leaders in the world. Seriously. This is how I do it. :) (P.S. This is a really awesome idea for introverts!)

How to Be Mentored by Anyone

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be mentored by your hero? It might not be as difficult as you think. Here’s how to be mentored from the best in your industry.…

Get organized and inspired by these bullet journal layouts created by students! Use a bullet journal to take notes, journal, keep track of goals, and more!

13 Bullet Journal Layouts For Students

Get inspired by 13 bullet journal layouts for students! LOVE these ideas!

How I wish the idea of a bullet journal had popped into my head when I was in school. I used and decorated the standbys that everyone bought at the store. Kind of boring. Knowing my lifelong adoration for stationery supplies, I can imagine I would have spent quality time writing out my notes and schedule in a blank book.

I love how creative these students are . . . Hope they inspire you!

Want to learn how to dot journal? The concept behind a bullet journal is simple: it's your go-to place for your planner needs, to do list, and journal. But does it work? This author shares her method and so far, I've been loving the ideas I've learned!

How to Start a Dot Journal

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide to review. All comments and opinions are my own. Are you a planner girl? A list writer?…

YES to online art classes that anyone can take! I'm a busy mom and love being creative but don't have time to drive all over town to take a class. These classes are my favorite so far. I've taken several, and they're awesome!

Daily Drawing Online Art Classes

Oh my goodness. Where do I even start? These online art classes are so much fun, you’ll find yourself taking one and then another, and then treating yourself to just…

Want to start a gratitude journal? You can DIY your own in an art journal, bullet journal, or regular journal. Here are three fun ways to make gratitude pages in your journal. Grab your paints—this is going to be colorful and fun! Oh, and children LOVE these prompts and ideas too. :)

Gratitude Journal Ideas: Three Ways to Get Started

Need some gratitude journal ideas? Look no further! Here are three fun ideas to try . . . Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to become more aware…

Join our free Journalista Challenge! This eCourse will help you get into your groove with journaling. We'll explore five different ways to journal, and every day you'll receive a prompt that you can use in your own journal. It'll be fun! And it's FREE!

Join the Journalista Challenge (free eCourse!)

Join us as we explore the varied and fun world of journaling in the free Journalista Challenge! Have you ever wanted to start journaling? Maybe someone gave you a beautiful…

Learn how to make a simple art journal cover using DaySpring's Illustrated Faith line. This is such a simple art-journaling project and is perfect for a beginner.

How to Make a Simple Art Journal Cover

Learn how to make an art journal cover with this sponsored post by DaySpring; the tutorial and opinions are my own. To learn more about DaySpring’s Illustrated Faith line, please…

How to Dot Journal: A Simple Guide

This was what I needed to hear! I've been waiting to go on a retreat when this post helped me realize I could just start making them NOW. Also, I LOVE the journal in this post!

How to Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Retreat

My friends at DaySpring sponsored this post about a Mother’s Day retreat, but the opinions and review are my own. (You can find the beautiful mug, journal, and encouragement calendar…

I want to be more creative this year, and am bookmarking this post because I need to hear it daily! I'm taking baby steps to being more creative every day and my family wants to thank you. I do too!

10 Easy Ways to Be Creative Every Day

What would it feel like to be creative every day? What image comes to your mind when you think of the word, “creativity“? Do you picture a blank canvas waiting…

Finally, kid-friendly and real ways to simplify your life! I'm going to work on #1 and #7 this month!

Simplify Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify your life? There’s no end to blogs, books, and theories concerning minimalism and simplification of our ever-complicated lives. But what if you have kids?…

Oh my goodness, this post was written for me, haha. I want to decorate my house but it feels way to overwhelming. (If you saw it, you'd agree.) But after reading this post, I found a few ideas I could implement right away. I'm actually kind of excited . . . who knows, maybe I'll be the next home decor celebrity. Okay, that might be stretching it, but still!

Five of the Best Ways to Decorate Your House

Learn five of the best ways to decorate your house even if you don’t have the decorating gene. Some women are born with the decorating gene. They swoop into an…