A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom

Do you dream of being a work at home mom? Want to see my schedule and see what it's really like? This is an amusing glimpse into one of my many-varied days. I love my job!

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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a work at home mom looks like? Before I started this adventure, I had imagined working at home would look a particular way. I’m smiling to myself right now because, um, it didn’t quite turn out the way I had expected.

Still, the end result has been the same: I get to stay home with my daughter and work on a business I adore.

I thought it would be a bit amusing to share a behind-the-scenes look of what my life as a work at home mom looks like. Being able to stay at home with my kiddo has been a dream come true, but it’s not quite as glamorous as I had envisioned.

Before we get started, I have a disclaimer or two. For one, my days are rarely the same. There is an overarching schedule we adhere to but between my own need for creativity and my daughter being preschool age, it isn’t exactly set in stone. So don’t imagine that this “day in the life” is what every day looks like.

Secondly, I was going to imagine an ideal day—you know, the one where I actually get up early and my daughter sleeps in, and I’m super productive. But then I realized that would be totally disingenuous. So I’m sharing what today was like. I’m kind of embarrassed about this which is probably good for me. ;)

Here goes!

A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom

Alarm Goes Off at 6:00 a.m.

I wake up right away for some reason. I didn’t do the dishes the night before, though, so the thought of going into the kitchen and facing them first thing is keeping me in bed. (Told you this was going to be truth-telling time.)

How to succeed as a work at home mom might not be what you think. I've learned to roll with what comes my way and am so grateful I get to have this opportunity to stay home with my kid.

Morning Routine (ish)

Cup of decaf + journaling + reading through Psalms & Proverbs. Yes, I drink decaf, and yes it wakes me up. I would say this officially makes me old but both my mom and grandma drink gallons of regular coffee, and it has no affect on them. So not fair.

After reading The Power of Full Engagement earlier this month, I decided to start some rituals to fuel my goals. One of them is to review said rituals in my journal every morning and remind myself of the values behind each of them. This has been powerful. I might write a post about this sometime. (Note to self.)

And So It Begins . . .

Usually by the time I’ve cozied up on the couch with my coffee, Bible, and journal, my daughter wakes up. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. I’ve decided we have a magical connection. I usually have about 15 minutes before I hear her singing.

Thankfully my husband doesn’t have to leave early today so he takes over the morning routine with her. (Love him!)

So I read and sip on.

Getting Started

I make a Sirt smoothie (sooo good) and sip it while doing busy work on the computer. I know you’re not supposed to read when you eat, and I literally have that thought go through my head every single time I do this. Someday I’ll change my ways.

Email, Facebook, and a quick check in my online shop to make sure I don’t have to package any book orders for the day, and then I check my To Do list. (I make this at the beginning of the week.)

Today is Friday, and I decide to hang out at home so I can do some extra work today. Usually I work out in the mornings but today is my morning off. (My kiddo loves watching me leap around and make a fool of myself doing P90x3; it’s pretty funny.)

Being a work at home mom has its challenges but it can happen! Here's a glimpse into my routine as well as a work at home resource I'm loving right now.

The Blur of the Day

This is where it gets complicated. Since I didn’t know I was going to be writing a post about today as I went about my day, I didn’t exactly keep a log of what I did in what order, but it was kind of like this:

  • Did a load of laundry because my kiddo spilled her smoothie on everything
  • Wiped up spots in the carpet and cleaned the art table because of the above smoothie
  • Looked through a bundle of eResources I bought earlier in the week
  • Took notes on these resources and got sucked in
  • Wrote a few newsletters
  • Checked email and Facebook (I’m really trying to not do this as much because, time!)
  • Straightened the house and vacuumed
  • Texted my sister back and forth
  • Cleaned the bathrooms
  • Wrote the outline and to-do list of a promotion I’ll do later in the month
  • Followed up with a client who bought something from me
  • Made green juice for tomorrow and the next day. Also cleaned produce and froze it.
  • Set out the playdough and dressed two minuscule dolls with their teeny tiny clothes
  • Made snacks and then lunch and then snacks again. It seems we eat a lot around here
  • Edited photos for an upcoming email challenge and added them to a blog post
  • Created a form in ConvertKit for the challenge and wrote a blog post to go along with it

Today was a little different because I didn’t create any blog-specific projects that I needed to shoot photos for. I also didn’t have any projects that required scanning my illustrations and editing them. I do one or both of those several times a week, depending on the projects.

We also have appointments and/or preschool most of the days of the week, so this is our stay at home day. I try to do work while she is in preschool or resting because, well, see above. It is really difficult to juggle mom world with creative and business world. But we manage. :)

The Irony

Around 5:00 p.m., I realized I was not feeling it for dinner. I had failed at getting those dishes done (which is embarrassing for me to admit, but it’s true.) For whatever reason, I did have the energy to wipe our dining room table with homemade orange oil. As I was doing that, my husband, also known as my savior, texted me and asked if I wanted ice cream. I texted back that dinner would be awesome.

What is ironic looking back on this day is I felt like I didn’t accomplish very much. Mostly because of those dishes.

It wasn’t until I wrote the list above that I realized how much I did today.

That is one of the reasons why I set very clear goals and a (usually) doable daily to-do list in my planner. Otherwise, it is really hard to see any progress in my business. All I see is the Duplox blocks and tent covering the living room floor. (Actually, that was yesterday, not today. What am I thinking? ;))

Would you like to work from home?

I used to think this whole working from home thing was a pipe dream. It’s been quite a journey, and I wouldn’t say that I’ve “arrived”, but I’m glad to be on it. There’s no other job I love more.

And besides, what other job has you creating beautiful images one moment and doling out the playdough the next?

It’s pretty awesome.

After reading this post, maybe you’re thinking, “Me too! I want to work at home!” If so, I have a library of resources for you that I think will really help you on your journey. Or maybe you’re thinking, “Wow, this poor lady just scared me out of ever wanting to work from home” and in that case, I still have a bundle of resources that will help you since they share techniques that I probably could use more of in my life. ;) And if you’re wondering what in the world a bundle of resources is, you can click here too.


Thanks for coming along for this peek into my day as a work at home mom. I hope you have an amazing day! :)


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mom

  1. Hmmmmm, this sounds very similar to how my days generally go, if I’m home all day. I prefer to be home all day! But I’m the SAME WAY! I can feel like I got nothing done even if I got a lot done, if I either a) set goals and don’t accomplish them, or b) don’t set goals and just mamble through the day (ha! Made up a word! I think it fits). I feel like being a stay at home mom with a side business might be the perfect fit for me… I know I want to be a wife + mom, and I also want a business. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of having a small business outside the home, like Joanna Gaines, but the way you do it seems goooood too. My only fear with having a home business is that I’ll let home and business get mushed together too much, and then I won’t be able to keep up both. But that’s a discipline thing that I’ll have to work on! Oookay, end of long comment! EXCEPT! Oh Jennie! I got your package the other day, and OH BOY, I LOVE IT! Thank you note coming soon!

    1. Yay, you got it! I’m so glad. :) :) It’s funny, my days don’t *always* look like this (sometimes I really am more organized, haha) but when I sat down to write this post, it really had been a do all the things sort of day and it felt funny to make up an “ideal day” for the sake of a post. I’m glad you related to it. :) I also have to admit that I work better with a more flexible schedule. It’s really nice to work from home (especially since I get hugs and kisses from my daughter all day. :) :)) Have a great day, Maggie!

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